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Our company implements humanitarian projects to support orphan homes and orphan children. For the purpose of this programme, we collect and deliver to orphan homes furniture, office equipment, household and other items. Each year hundreds of orphan teenagers finish school and start the life of adults. They are provided by the state with flats and rooms but without any furniture and interior items. When moving to a new place you may find things you do not need any more and give these things to those in need?

Interdean Moscow

Group of Interdean companies
Interdean is one of the world's leaders in the transportation service sector. We have been operating on the European and world markets for more than 50 years.

Today Interdean is:
– 50 years of successful operation of 47 offices in 35 countries of the world;
– 300 lorries;
– 800 qualified employees;
– 240,000 m3 of storage areas;
– 2,000 containers;
– 500 partners worldwide;
– ISO 9001:2008 certification;
– FIDI-FAIM accreditation.

Main types of services:
− Transportation of fragile and expensive items;
− Transportation of antiques;
− Transportation of industrial expositions;
− Transportation of museum exhibits and private collections;
− Office moving / flat moving / moving throughout the country / international moving / combined and complex moving / real estate lease and additional services for those who come to live in a new country.

Storage Services

Storage Services is one of the core types of Interdean's professional activities. In many European countries we own storage houses specifically intended for storage of fragile and expensive cargos, works of art and personal belongings of clients.

Packing Services

Interdean's Moscow representation offers all types of packing materials for packing of personal possessions, interior items, works of art, fragile and non-standard equipment. All our materials meet European quality standards.

Customs Services

More than 20 years of experience in customs clearance operations within and beyond Russia, solution of any issues connected with customs clearance, and free consultations of qualified specialists guarantee you peace of mind.


Whether you want to move your things within Moscow or transport them overseas, the safest and most civilized way to have them delivered safely is to consult a specialist. However, no specialist, even a top-class one, may guarantee 100% safety against force majeure and various unexpected situations that may take place during transportation.

Transportation of antiques

You are purchasing antique furniture and other interior items in Europe, but do you know what problems you will face when exporting them to Russia?

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